“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr

Cultivating a strong mindset with

A Humanistic and Scientific Approach

“My thoughts, my choices, my emotions, my consequences.”

SAM Knowledge – No.4

For Peak Performance and Brain Optimisation

– Creating a happy living environment
– Empower parents with knowledge
– Understanding the teenage brain
– Better communication within families
– Divorce guidance for families
– Trauma guidance
– Coping strategies for life
– Self esteem and confidence building
– Bullying
– Increasing academic performance

– Creating psychological safety
– Building an inspiring learning space
– Supporting quality connections
– Accessing the highest potential
– Cultivating mutual respect
– Increasing Academic Performance
– Bullying
– Stress and anxiety management
– Understanding the developing brain
– Turning on the ‘learning switch’
– Cultivating resilience
– Mindfullness

– Mental wellness
– Stress management strategies
– Rewiring negative thoughts
– Unwiring self-destructive behaviours
– Manage addictions from the inside out
– Enhancing meaningful relationships
– Mindfulness
– Self Awareness
– Developing emotional intelligence
– Unlearning anxiety

– Increase Creativity
– Increase Productivity
– Strong Leadership
– Stress Management
– Balance Peak Performance vs Wellbeing
– Communication Strategies
– Equality and Diversity Training
– Adapting to change in the workplace
– Unconscious bias
– EQ training
– Resilience training
– Bullying
– Psychological safety
– Executive Coaching

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