Anastasia Hatzivasilou

CEO and Founder of Superablemind

S.A.M Neuro-Practitioner

B.A. Dip-Ed.

Behavioural Analyst

I have 3 degrees in History , English and Education.  I was an elite athlete between the ages of 16 and 27 however, it’s important to me that you know I haven’t sat any formal exams in the field of Psychology or Neuroscience. Therefore it is a truth that I don’t currently hold a qualification in Neuroscience, it is also a truth that I have self studied neuroscience with an obsessive curiosity and interest for over 30 years.

Whilst I might not have an exam certificate, I do have deep knowledge across several disciplines that give me every confidence that I can help most people to maximise their personal and professional potential. Knowledge comes through study and experience, not through the memory test of exams. There’s a great many ‘qualified’ people in the world but in my experience qualifications don’t always indicate the presence of experience.

I appreciate that my lack of a formal qualification in my field may be off-putting for some and that’s ok. Neuroscience says ‘experience wires the brain’ and my brain has been well wired through a great deal of experience.

Tibsay Vera

MSc Clinical Neuroscience, MBA, FInstLM

BSc in Finance and Accounting

British Neuroscience Association (BNA), Member of the Association of Coaching and Member Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management ILM.

NLP Master practitioner (trained by John Grinder, NLP co-creator)

Certified International Trainer certified by the ITA

Certified practitioner and trainer of PRISM Brain mapping tool

Dr Safir Debar

S.A.M Neuro-Practitioner


Mark Drax

Addiction Recovery Coach

International Coaching Federation and Deep Coaching Institute

Bachelor of Commerce (Dis)

iCAAD Addiction Conference presenter and delegate 2017,18,19

ATPSB Advanced training in Problematic Sexual Behaviour, L1 and L2

Meriel Strang Steel

MSc Counselling/Psychotherapy

HNC Counselling/Psychotherapy

Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)

Alexandra Bagge

BSc. Anthropology, University College London

MSc. Medical Anthropology, University College London

PGCE London Southbank University

Kate Carey

Kate Carey is a Nutritional Therapist and Women’s Health Consultant in London. Previously graduating with a High Distinction for a Bachelor of Business in 2010 from Edith Cowan University Australia, Kate has worked in Corporate Marketing for over 20 years. Healing from chronic illness through diet and lifestyle, since 2013 Kate has pursued qualifications in Nutrition as well as Meditation, Women’s Health Therapy and other healing modalities. Along with this comes a passion for neuroscience and how re-wiring the mind is crucial for positive and effective behaviour change, culminating in living life with joy.