“I have been really grateful for Anastasia's skilled help for my daughter using the Super Able Mind system. She has helped her to develop relaxed confidence and a much happier self in a way that a teenager has found both accessible and non-threatening. She has gained the trust and confidence of my special young person and literally transformed her ability to manage her own life. Her approach has been reassuringly holistic - this is not just "CBT" but developing deeper understanding of the rewiring concept and using wider life skills and approaches. Most importantly, Anastasia has offered a really flexible easy to access form of help which is refreshing and simply not available with traditional "therapy". I believe this learning will stay with my daughter for life - thank you feels very insufficient for the depth of change achieved! I would highly recommend Anastasia and SAM without hesitation.
Parent of 16 years’ girl
Psychiatrist and Mother
I have been on the Super Able Mind program for six weeks and my close involvement with the captivating and inspirational Anastasia has had a profound effect on the way I am now able to choose to live.

Following a crushing divorce and the loss of my job four years ago, I became deeply introverted with historic self-confidence issues, which have been ever present, started dominating my life once again. I found small decisions too hard to make, big decisions too stressful to even contemplate, and I spent my days turning my back on life itself, looking enviously through the tinted glass of depression at those who faced life's challenges head on with a pragmatic smile. Counselling, CBT, psychiatric evaluations, twelve steps, religious dalliances, and this brain was not for turning.

A chance encounter with Anastasia, a friendly face I recognized from the past, handed me the tools to begin to build the life I never thought I would be able to. How?

Whilst still early days, SAM has had some very obvious positive effects; concentration, processing, rationalizing have all improved beyond measure, which in turn yields motivation, enthusiasm and ultimately happiness. Perhaps most significantly, my improved cognitive function, when combined with the seven principles, now allows a clear and unemotional evaluation of previously considered untouchable problems. Consequently results in both my personal and professional life have improved, and with it the virtuous cycle of motivation, commitment and success no longer resides on distant shores.

As is the case so often, one gets out what one puts in, but I have noticed a strong correlation on an almost daily basis; it's simple: if I do what Anastasia suggests, I tend to get the results I desire. And for someone like me, having such a safety net is priceless.
Having a safety net
43 Years Old Finance - 6 weeks into course
"I recently completed 12 weeks with Meriel on the Super Able Mind course and found it to be an extremely empowering and helpful course.

Before the course, I found myself to be feeling really anxious and teary and unable to control my feeling and emotions, rather they controlled me. This really got in the way of my everyday life especially at university.

The course really helped me overcome all of this and helped me gain skills and coping mechanisms that I will take with me throughout life. It taught me how to deal with my anxiety, through initially finding triggers and then learning to understand them and deal with them through changing the way I perceive and think about things . I feel like a new person having completed the course and have seen many noticeable positive changes, as have my close friends and family.

Meriel is an extremely empathetic, kind and trusting person who i felt comfortable telling everything to and who I really got to know over the 12 weeks. She was always at the end of a phone call if needed and really took the time to help me overcome what I was experiencing.

I would thoroughly recommend her to everyone going through a mental health issue. The work she does is really life changing and I am so grateful for everything she did to help me."
Extremely empowering
“As someone with an extremely traumatic childhood I felt that I was a broken person - I was stuck with my behaviours and reactions (specifically toward myself and my children) - I thought that despite counselling (grief, hypnosis, CBT) that I was akin to a repaired vase (the crack is always there!).  And no matter what I tried, my patterns and behaviours (reactive and angry) were fixed and impossible to get away from. However with Meriel as my guide to the world of SAM I've learnt that all of that is rubbish.  SAM has allowed me to see that the mind is utterly reprogrammable. The brain is malleable and wants to change.  I'm no longer a broken vase. I am anything I want to be and I have FINALLY let go of my baggage.  I'm now moving forward as a new me that is always refining but with the knowledge that I have changed and that we all can change at any stage or age.

It's totally empowering and freeing - old behaviours are past behaviours - it's not easy but it's totally worth it!”
The Mind is Utterly Reprogrammable
“When I was first introduced to  SAM and through it, Meriel, I had really reached an all time low.  My relationship with my children had degenerated to me shouting (shrieking) most days, most of the time in fact and feeling utterly desperate, terrible and out of control. On meeting Meriel for our pre-assessment chat, I immediately felt optimistic and hopeful that things change and I couldn't wait to get stuck in.

I wasn't disappointed, I  can honestly say that Meriel and the SAM technique have changed my thought processes and my  life for the better and will continue to do so, forever.  After  our first session  I felt calmer, empowered and open to the possibility of a better way to think, act  and be and that has been case with each and every lesson.
A better way to think
A state of positivity, self-belief, super motivation and overall excitement about life... A series of events in my life resulted in an existence plagued by chronic anxiety disorder to the point of borderline agoraphobia. For over 3 years I was totally reliant on very high doses of anti depressants and beta-blockers in order to function to a level one would view as even close to 'normality.'

Thanks to the work of Anastasia Hatzivasilou and her ground breaking 'Project Sam,' combined with a short series of life coaching sessions, I have been able to break free of ALL prescription medication just 4 weeks into the program!

The framework behind project Sam is tailored very specifically to the students needs, and Anastasias techniques home in on your own personal weak points to bring you up to a level of 'super intelligence' that will affect every area of your life in a positive way.

My experience includes an extreme transition from feelings of anxiety, depression, procrastination and social hibernation, to a state of positivity, self -belief, super motivation, and an overall excitement about life that I can only compare to that of a young child. And all in such a short period of time!

I know I have a long way to go to completely overcome my fears and personal issues, but I feel the change is happening! My mind is being re-programmed with the help of Project Sam. The 'cloud' has been lifted and I have it all to play for!

If you feel you have a 'cloud' over your life due to any kind of mental, emotional or physical issue, then I cannot recommend Anastasia and her Project Sam highly enough!
“When I was first introduced to SAM and through it, Meriel, I had really reached an all time low.  My relationship with my children had degenerated to me shouting (shrieking) most days, most of the time in fact and feeling utterly desperate, terrible and out of control.

On meeting Meriel for our pre-assessment chat, I immediately felt optimistic and hopeful that things could change and I couldn't wait to get stuck in.
I wasn't disappointed, I  can honestly say that Meriel and the SAM technique have changed my thought processes and my  life for the better and will continue to do so, for ever.  After  our first session  I felt calmer, empowered and open to the possibility of a better way to think, act  and be and that has been case with each and every lesson.

The SAM technique is enlightening and through  Meriel's gentle and intuitive approach, it has allowed me to view my mind as something with endless and unlimited possibility - I realise I am not bound by my past or previous behaviours. I am free to choose to be different and respond in new and healthier ways to any and everything!

I would highly  recommend Meriel as a practitioner of SAM  and as a skilled counsellor. I  found her approachable, non-judgemental and incredibly encouraging. I am truly  thankful to her and SAM and will be forever grateful.”
Immediately felt optimistic
My relationships are transforming Well it’s my final week of official SAM training, although the SAM training will never end for me!

Words don’t really do the experience justice. It’s been an incredible journey so far 🙂

Over the course of the last 3months training the mind has produced extraordinary results in life. I turn to SAM in all kinds of situations – waiting for trains, getting my mind sharp before my day starts, when I’m stressed, for fun!

I’m more focused, able to carry out previously difficult tasks with ease, learning faster and over the moon with progress with the mathematical mind. An area I’ve struggled with since school. I’ve recently purchased a flute and started lessons. Week 1 I couldn’t remember what the notes were for any of the keys and ‘bam’ it all came flood back to my Super Able Mind!

Outside of what I’m noticing myself the external world is taking notice too. Things are happening in my life that has been completely unexpected. In June I was given a 30% pay rise at work. This blows me away and the reason given is that they love my energy and feel it would be a big loss if I were to leave. I’m making a difference. Love it! My relationships are transforming too… those that no longer serve my are peeling away with grace, old ones that make a positive difference to my life are strengthening and new ones are bonding and growing fast!

Anastasia is SAM. You are what makes this program so exciting… helping each of us to realize and live our true potential customized to our unique needs. You’re amazing. SAM is amazing. Thank you and love you!
Cate Karey - Marketing Manager
Rackspace11 weeks into the program
S.A.M knowledge helped me acquire fundamental skills for a secure mindset in order to work through everyday pressures, apprehensions, overexertions and certain fears which if not worked through, place a huge stumbling block and deprives one of a life that could potentially be fulfilled with balance and harmony.

While the course was challenging, with patience and perseverance of course with the didication on my practitioner, S.A.M knowledge 'reprogrammed my brain' to develop new thought processes and by applying these I wake up to positive potentials every day... Forever grateful
Marsha Minas
Forever grateful
Brain tumour and surgery

In August 2016 I was diagnosed with a brain tumour and underwent surgery to have it removed. This was an extremely stressful period for my family and I and our consult neurosurgeon had suggested Anastasia and the SAM program might be able to help. Firstly by mentally preparing me for surgery, which carried some significant risks of cognitive impairment, and secondly by aiding my recovery not only in terms of rewiring my brain to overcome any cognitive damage I may have suffered during the operation but also to re-programme my mind so that I could turn this traumatic episode into a platform for positive change and growth.

As such I met with Anastasia before my operation to perform an assessment of my cognitive skills and discuss how best to mentally approach the surgery. This definitely helped me to enter the operating theatre in a very calm state of mind, so much so that my neurosurgeon commented on how relaxed I was both before and after the surgery, which evidently aided both the operation and my immediate recovery.

My surgery was, thankfully, extremely successful and my recovery has been very rapid. Post operation I saw Anastasia weekly and while I showed some clear reductions in performance of certain cognitive skills she helped me not only to rebuild these but to grow them to levels that exceeded my pre-operative abilities. Furthermore I have learned some very key behaviours that I will take forward with me into my new life, most notably how to remain calm and in control during stressful situations while commanding the best performance from myself as well as how to live in the moment, be present and not be constantly rushing and in so doing live a more satisfying life.

The brain is an amazing tool, it controls everything we do and is responsible for all our behaviours, fears and neuroses. It is our own internal computer and just like any computer it can be reprogrammed to change our behaviours and improve our performance. This is exactly what the SAM course is about and I would recommend it to anyone facing a challenge in their life or wanting to improve their performance.
Peter Sermon Sam Medic patient7
7th October 2016
I am delighted to write a few words about Anastasia and the excellent creation that is her ‘SAM’ Course- Super Able Mind. Anastasia has been a long-standing friend. She became aware late last year that my life had gone off the rails following the ending of my relationship and facing coming to terms with many years of dysfunctional living. She offered to help me and I gratefully accepted. Having now completed her program, I can speak to the extraordinarily intuitive manner in which she has guided me through her 12-week course. Her professionalism is unquestioned. Her ability to hold a safe space for me whilst I broke apart in our early sessions was a true representation of empathy and compassion. Never did I feel anything other than deeply seen, heard and accepted. Her belief in me as a human being has enabled me to turn a notable emotional corner in my life, learning how to start believing in myself again. And, having set goals at the beginning of the course, I’m delighted to say we have achieved and surpassed them all.

I would strongly recommend Anastasia and her 12-week SAM course to anyone who may be struggling with their life and who is curious enough to want to understand ‘why’? Talk to Anastasia and allow her to help you answer this critical question and to help you rebuild your self-esteem. Allow her guiding kindness to catalyse the uncovering of ‘you’, the deepest and most innocent part of you that may have been buried under years of crippling pain and shame and yet who so deserves to shine and be happy, for yourself. My deepest thanks you, Anastasia; you helped me back from the edge of that cliff and showed me a path to a much more able side of my mind.
Mark Drax
Shine and be happy