Superablemind has an experienced team of neuro-practitioners who specialise in helping inter-familial communications, the elderly, marriage and relationships, understanding the teenage brain and to support parents and children within the home environment. These can be one-to-one or family sessions.

Often we feel as though we are at cross purposes with those that we are closest to. It can be difficult to understand why someone behaves the way they do and this can be frustrating and lead to conflict and arguments. There can also be difficulty dealing with addictive tendencies, death, divorce or moving schools and homes. S.A.M gives you the tools to create a safe environment where everyone feels comfortable expressing themselves and the lines of communication flow freely and without judgement. 

For more information about how S.A.M can help you, please contact us below.

– Creating a happy living environment
– Empower parents with knowledge
– Understanding the teenage brain
– Better communication within families
– Divorce guidance for families
– Trauma guidance
– Coping strategies for life
– Self esteem and confidence building
– Bullying
– Increasing academic performance

– Creating psychological safety
– Building an inspiring learning space
– Supporting quality connections
– Accessing the highest potential
– Cultivating mutual respect
– Increasing Academic Performance
– Bullying
– Stress and anxiety management
– Understanding the developing brain
– Turning on the ‘learning switch’
– Cultivating resilience
– Mindfullness

– Mental wellness
– Stress management strategies
– Rewiring negative thoughts
– Unwiring self-destructive behaviours
– Manage addictions from the inside out
– Enhancing meaningful relationships
– Mindfulness
– Self Awareness
– Developing emotional intelligence
– Unlearning anxiety

– Increase Creativity
– Increase Productivity
– Strong Leadership
– Stress Management
– Balance Peak Performance vs Wellbeing
– Communication Strategies
– Equality and Diversity Training
– Adapting to change in the workplace
– Unconscious bias
– EQ training
– Resilience training
– Bullying
– Psychological safety
– Executive Coaching