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Adult Knowledge Cards

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Our thoughts are the very architects of our human experience.

At Superablemind, we appreciate that many will not have the opportunity to engage one of our Neuro-practitioners and take our course. Some will not have the time, while others may not have the resources.

Our mission is to share these ideas with as many people as possible. Last year, we launched the S.A.M Knowledge and Rainbow Knowledge cards. Anyone can sculpt, reshape or re-wire their mindset and we believe our cards will bring tangibility to your learning and daily growth.

All it takes is a fraction of your time to try these new ideas and to begin to see your lives through different lenses. The S.A.M Knowledge represents a series of ideas and behaviours that cultivate a flexible and adaptable mindset. We believe that adopting these behavioural principles enables us to cultivate and regulate a more balanced and positive emotional state. 

Simply choose one behaviour, three ideologies and one incantation from the cards each week and apply these ideas, behaviours and principles to the challenges in your lives. Then feel free to write to us and tell us about your experiences.