Highly Resilient, Highly Adaptive

Sam Knowledge Number 21 ` In the very nature of our DNA is Change. The human brain is always revising itself.’

Do you remember that time when we were little and we sat at the table doing that dreaded homework and thinking, ?oh this is so difficult!’ I remember feeling quite inadequate having a super clever sister with the most outrageous memory. School work for her was ridiculously easy. I was dumfounded with the speed in which she would turn the pages of the book she was reading. She was always so focused. Her grades were always perfect, and she was always at the top of her classroom. In contrast I would find myself reading over single lines over and over again and still comprehension was a labor that was not imbued with love. Furthermore, each sentence was riddled with at least three words that were not in my vocabulary. I also remember exclaiming to God frequently, ?God please make me cleverer. Please make homework easy.’ I was also, fascinated by the human brain. Why were some people cleverer than others!

Age 50, a couple of degrees later, various occupations later, lots of ?experiential’ later, and having spent three years examining people’s thought processes, the learning process on the platform that I have devised using the Sam Method, my opinions have changed considerably.

We are so clever, we learn so fast, the only thing that is really essential and key to the learning process is something that we learn in week one of the Sam Course called ?100% Accuracy and Focus.’ The seat of higher learning, the seat of creative intelligence. With this skill, something that we all have the potential to learn and refine, we can learn a new language, a new skill, heal, overcome depression, addiction, anxiety disorders, learn to play an instrument, become a more conscious parent, or a more loving partner. In fact, the sky is really the limit when it comes to learning.

The fact is that if we find ourselves in a moment of difficulty, it is just a sign that we have yet to learn something that is essential for overcoming that difficulty. It doesn’t’ mean we cannot learn, just that the moment requires our attention.

So what prevents us from learning? To begin with, just the idea that we cannot, that we cannot change, that we cannot evolve, that we cannot change aspects of our personality. Also, stubbornness and then the refusal to attempt to change, surrendering to an idea that sounds something like the following. ?Oh this is just the way I am. My father had a bad temper, my mother suffered from depression, it is in my genes.’

Having spent over thirty years studying the working of the human brain and mind, and using that knowledge to show others how easily they can learn and un learn behaviors, especially more recently using the Sam Method, enables me to show life what is possible when we adopt simple learning practices. Once you show life the way, and excite life about its natural abilities, its learning assets, then I have found people are prepared to go that extra mile.

The Science shows that the human brain is highly malleable, changeable and that it takes 66 days to un learn and also learn behaviors. If it makes us happier, feel more empowered, feel more SUPER able, then why not give it a try?

To date, using the Sam method, we have successfully helped people overcome severe depression, anxiety disorders, agoraphobia, learning disabilities like dyslexia, bulimia, self harming, drug addiction, sex addiction. We have used the method to enhance performance in trading, corporate occupations, sports, helped students achieve better grades, and in the last year have created Sam Medic Integrated Care to help repair areas of cognitive impairment with people who have had stroke, brain tumors, traumatic brain injury and cognitive decline in the elderly.

When our attention and focus and concentration is applied with diligence we can learn, un learn, and relearn anything. There is no limit to what we can experience when we know how, and are then prepared to do the work!

You see, the child that felt inadequate because the school work seemed too difficult, yet had the desire to experience something else, pushed, worked hard, applied her attention consistently, went to University, and then has spent a life time in the pursuit of more knowledge, more science, to find out what is possible, has proven just that.

You see, we are the descendants of the best of the best, we are not the weakest link. We are the strongest link because of our learning potential and our adaptive potential. We are the descendants of the strongest, the most adaptive, the quick, the fast, the most responsive, the most creative, the most resilient and because of these qualities in character our ancestors got to survive and make more of this kind. And here we are, the direct descendants of that race sitting here with that potential in our DNA. What genetic expression is realised is affected and impacted by mind set!

Below I have included a testimonial from one of our Sam Medic Integrated Care clients.