Shame-ism Vs Humanism

I have been referencing ‘Humanism’ frequently in the work we do at Super Able Mind. In fact the Sam Practice is all about tapping into our greatest strength~ our Humanistic qualities, our Humanistic nature. When we do, we are tapping into the gentler side of our nature, and then, we are by far a happier and healthier and more empowered ‘human being.’ Empowered not only to bring out the best in ourselves, but also, to inspire the best in other human beings. Judgement, condemnation and shame has no place here. In fact, if you have an understanding of how we have come to construct this personality, this identity, how our neural networks have been shaped by our personal experiences, and that each one of us creates the life experience on the back of these involuntary responses, we can no longer judge or condemn or shame humans into transformations and healing. We can no longer ‘blame’ life for being who they are. If we remove the shame, the judgment, then we remain connected to life and from this place we can teach and also learn from life.

When someone you are in a relationship says “I think we should take a break” go out into the street and shout “NEXT!” Tony Robbins When I saw this statement on a social media feed I cringed. Do we throw these unconscious humans who have not learned the deeper lessons about love to the wolves, reject them, shame them, or do we make the greater effort to support them, with love and understanding to greater understandings? Rejection is not the humanistic way, love is the kinder and more effective way to nuture another’s consciousness. Then they have the opportunity to learn and evolve in their own consciousness. It is not necessary to shame life into submission, and also, it doesn’t work. The experience of shame, or forcing another to feel shame, disconnects life from other life and then there is no opportunity to learn.

In my 20’s I went to quite a few gun ho personal development courses that whipped life into a frenzy of emotion to inspire them to change. This is not a gentle and humanistic process because it frequently relied on remorse and shame to compel life to take better stock of what it had done, so that it would not make the same mistakes again. But here is the thing, life was not born with wisdom or knowledge and the failures we were asked to feel regret about, were an essential part of our learning curb. If these ‘mistakes’ were essential for us to make, so that we could evolve in our consciousness, then why the shame and the regret? Our failures are the making of a greater consciousness and ‘humanisms.’

The other thing that I have learned is that life learns best in a quite and peaceful and calm environment. When we calm the mind and the brain then we can access that lovely creative and also rational brain to work through our trials and tribulations in a humanistic way. Number 13 of the Sam Knowledge ~ respect, support and allow keeps us connected with other human beings and gives us the opportunity to guide them to deeper more holistic and kind understandings. If we reject life, shame life for its choices and mistakes, we disconnect and lose the opportunity to heal them. Fire walks and breaking boards when you’re whipped into a frenzy is great for a week, yet, the real world awaits once we leave these hypnotic and trance invoking events. The relationships and bonds we have created that shape our ‘real’ worlds, are far more powerful and significant than these events which are like temporary dream states. The real world awaits us outside of these events, and we must be able to impact and influence these events and people we care about to shape them and work through them. If we return to our ‘world’ with invocations of ‘NEXT’ and, ‘you’re not good enough for me,’ I think we really miss out on the opportunity we have to learn how to empower ourselves with the love and patience and kindness it takes to really support life towards self improvement.

As always, in my humble opinion and experience.