What if? Ideology Number 9 of the Sam Knowledge

Happy Valentine’s Day My Great Heart!

What if? What if we have it all wrong about perfection? What if we had been, have been, are focused on a misconception that we have acquired and learned through osmosis from our environment; our media, our schooling, our culture, our experiences, our perceptions? What if perfection was the truth! What if perfection was under neath our very noses, in the very nature of our DNA and make-up? What if we are actually perfect but the predisposition to focus on what we don’t have magnifies a lack that haphazardly distracts us from the perfection that is here, right here with us 24/7! Consumerism is founded on the principle of lack; it must create a debt mentality for the economy to thrive. In the process something else suffers. Our soul feels empty because this is based on a debt mentality. That we must acquire something to experience love.

The construct of our organism is such that our eyes are looking outward and not inward. If we could see the inside, what would we see? A heart beating perfectly and rhythmically sustaining this life without any command from us. It just keeps us alive and functioning. This brain with over 100 billion nerve cells, thinking cells, organising cells, creating, grafting this consciousness that has the power of creativity and rationality and it’s ability to orchestrate all functions to sustain this life, this personality. It’s ability to learn and to instruct and conduct healing! We are all that!! What if this was our perfection! What if the perfection was not the depth of our pockets but the depth of our compassion and kindness which makes this heart and brain work beautifully and perfectly to make us happy!

What if our scars, our vulnerabilities were the perfection that supported the humanity and empathy within us that nurtured the love that made us happy and feel connected with other life? What if our empathy for other life, our kindness was the perfection! What if our love was the Perfection?

What if our diversities were the perfection? For is not the diversity in the genetic pool what has supported the survival of the species? Have not the mutations been instrumental to evolution? Is not the definition of intelligence adaptation! This has always been my definition of intelligence ~ adaptation. Learning, evolving, applying, changing and even deleting information that allows us to have those experiences of love, compassion, empathy and forgiveness which supports our health, our connections and our survival and happiness. Love is the perfection! We are the perfection!

Turn those eyes inward, lovingly and imagine the inside. That innate intelligence, the life force, the love force that resides in every cell of our being. That which keeps our heart beating. What if this was the perfection that we were missing because we were too preoccupied and obsessed with that dream that was not reflective or supportive of our diversities? Let’s not create Victoria Secret models and then judge them by suggesting that they have other flaws; a lack of intelligence perhaps. Who is to say that beauty of one form has to mean a limitation in another form? Is not the dwarf a beautiful, exquisite example of our diversity? Does it have to take a Tyrian from a Game of Thrones to make a dwarf attractive and beautiful? It is a flaw in perception and not an imperfection of life. Could it be that if we all loved the same we could develop a form of apathy eventually? Our diverse stories of life and love make us more interesting that inspires compassion and love. We may very well lose interest in one another if all our stories were the same. Potentially! Hypothetically! We are not designed to be the same. The diversity of the race gives us endless entertainment and inspires love. It is not in the nature of our DNA to be the same. 7.2 billion people on the planet and each one is a masterpiece of creation.

I frequently say to parents, find the nature of the child and nurture that nature. What if all the flowers were the same colour? What if there are only red roses or just one kind of tree? What would the crowd look like without the mane of ginger, red hair standing out to provoke an interest, a diverse thought? Diversity is in the very nature of our DNA and we must support that diversity. And so our education system, especially those early years needs our greater attention and reform. Life evolves and learns at different speeds and life has diverse interests. Children are like little mini Leonardo Da Vinci’s waiting to happen, to nurture happy children we have to cease to train them like little soldiers preparing them for the life we assume they need. This is on my agenda. to impact the way we inspire children. The statement to ‘inspire’ children rather than to ‘teach’ children needs to be used so that teachers get what it is they are there to do! Each child is an individual. The individual is the perfection. If we nurture the nature, the individual will feel inspired and select the desired path.

Number 9 of the Sam Knowledge was inspired by such ideas. When we begin to ask questions like ‘What if?, it inspires the creative mind to peruse our beautiful, unique, and diverse consciousness and mind and craft our own experience.

We are perfection!