Our Ideas are the fertile seeds that impregnate the sub-conscious mind and the sub-conscious mind gives birth to these ideas all the time

The sub-conscious mind is constantly pregnant with our ideas. Sitting in the back of the room at an event, taking notes and my eyes fell on the screen saver of one student ‘Be careful who you trust , the devil was an Angel once.’ I could surmount what sort of experiences this person was having. If he believed that he could not trust, then he would have this experience in all areas of his life. In lessons I teach ‘The sub-conscious mind is constantly pregnant with our ideas. The ideas are the effect, and the sub-conscious mind, sensitive and fertile to our ideas has to deliver according to those feelings and ideas.’ This is conscious, sub-conscious mind conditioning. This is how we create our reality on the back of those fertile ideas. You walk around with this idea floating around in your sub-conscious mind and then you end up choosing and behaving creating according to these ideas

Cultivate & create

In the Sam courses we specifically float, learn, condition the mind to the Sam Knowledge; 42 ideas, 7 behaviours and 3 incantations. These cultivate and create a very specific quality of mind away from reactivity, thereby enabling us to access our greatest creative and rational intelligence. The way we train, with the Sam Method makes the Sam Knowledge second nature

And so I say, NOT be careful what you wish for, for this is just wishful thinking, be careful what you think and feel for. This is the compass to our creation.